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Algorhythm is a prog rock/jazz fusion band based in Montreal, Canada founded by songwriter, keyboardist, and vocalist, Alexander Lioubimenko. Algorhythm’s eponymous debut EP has allowed the band to make an assertive opening statement in the Montreal music scene. The music draws its inspiration from a wide spectrum of jazz and rock artists e.g. Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd. The subtle colours and nuances of jazz combined with brute rock-driven energy help define the band’s distinctive style. A high degree of improvisation is exhibited in the compositions providing a unique listening experience to the audience and freedom for the music itself to take shape. The concept of improvisation liberates the musician’s mind to interact with anything and everything at any given moment allowing for profound creativity. 

Algorhythm’s lineup boasts professional knowledge from prestigious Canadian and American schools e.g. McGill Schulich School of Music, Berklee College of Music, and UQAM.

Currently, Algorhythm is working on a music video for their first single off the EP titled “Why Now”, as well as recording a brand new song to be released in the near future.

Alexander Lioubimenko - Vocals/Keyboards

Hugo Leclerc - Woodwinds

Marc-Gabriel Laverrière - Guitar

Marc Scott - Bass

Greg Kustka-Tsimbidis - Drums


Algorhythm est un groupe rock progressif/jazz fusion basé à Montréal, Canada, fondé par le compositeur, claviériste et chanteur, Alexander Lioubimenko. Le premier EP éponyme d’Algorhythm lui a permis de faire son entrée sur la scène musicale montréalaise. La musique s’inspire largement d’un spectre d’artistes jazz et rock dont Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd. Les textures et les délicates nuances du jazz se mariant avec l’énergie déchaînée du rock définissent le style inouï du groupe. Les compositions présentent un haut degré d’improvisation permettant une liberté à sculpter la musique elle-même et de ce fait, offrant une expérience d’écoute unique. Le concept d’improvisation exalte l’esprit du musicien pour qu’il puisse interagir avec son environnement en étant inspiré d’une créativité plus profonde.

Les membres d’Algorhythm s’appuient sur les connaissances professionnelles d’école prestigieuses canadiennes et américaines telles que, McGill École de musique Schulich, le Collège de musique Berklee et l’UQAM.

Algorhythm travaille actuellement sur un clip vidéo pour leur premier titre intitulé "Why Now". De plus, l’enregistrement d’une nouvelle chanson est présentement en cours.

Alexander Lioubimenko - Voix/Claviers

Hugo Leclerc - Instruments à vents

Marc-Gabriel Laverrière - Guitare

Marc Scott - Basse

Greg Kustka-Tsimbidis - Batterie

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Algorhythm EP

by Algorhythm

This debut EP is the perfect definition of Algorhythm itself - eccentric melodies, funky rock grooves, introspective lyrics, and improvised intricate solos.


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Taking inspiration from jazz and prog rock giants, with just 3 songs in their EP, the band clearly defines who they are: jazzy melodies, awesome improvised lines, fun beats, and lyrics trying to find the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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‘Why Now’ on BuzzMusic

“Why Now” has very funky tones that start of the track with the perfect blend of jazz and rock to form an incomparable sound that has flashes of many older decades of music compiled into one masterpiece. Alexander’s vocals are rough around the edges yet refined with the sound of experience and a passion for the music the group is creating that you can physically feel through the pulsing vocalizations.

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‘Why Now’ on American Pancake

[…] the track Why Now, it feels like a double sided Redbull and Vodka after one too many pixies sticks. The opening feels mystical but that doesn't last long. The song charges forth in an incredibly fast rush of licks while founder, songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Alexander Lioubimenko directs the action like a kind of jazz cabaret provocateur.

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‘Heat of the moment’ on Synths of eden

Featured here before with Why Now, Canadian prog rock band from Montreal Algorhythm is back with a new single: Heat of the Moment. It starts with a powerful solo of sax that is proceeded with a King Crimson, Prince fusion with a jazzy texture.


‘heat of the moment’ on staccatofy

"Heat Of The Moment" starts with some solo bass clarinet fun from Leclerc. In fact the solo last for well over a minute and has elements of jazz and funk. A hip riff allows the band to enter to get the tune started. 


‘Why Now’ on mindnoise network

Personal story, I actually consider myself to be quite a competent bass player, and spent years in and out of bands on the local circuit. The reason why I say this, is because ‘Why Now’ made me set my bass on fire and swear to never play that sodding instrument ever again.